Multigun Arena 3D

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement, aim with the mouse, click the left mouse to shoot, jump with the spacebar, use the middle mouse button or number keys 1-3 to change weapons, use C to crouch, W/Shift to run/punch, the right mouse to zoom, L to toggle the cursor, ESC to chat, and P or Tab for the menu.

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Multigun Arena 3D

Multigun Arena 3D Category: Shooting Game Description:

Prove the world that you are an elite shooter in Multigun Arena 3D unblocked – a free Y8 shooting game with different challenges to conquer. Players from around the world are attracted by the gameplay of Multigun Arena 3D free online. When lots of people come to play it, the battle will become harder. You can pick a deathmatch or team battles to play. Whichever mode you choose, make sure you use your excellent shooting skills as well as smart strategies to get an upper hand on your rivals. As you move around the map, try to stay on the lookout for your surroundings! You should deal with enemies fast and stop them from killing you. Only the best and the most cunning shooter will be able to get through all the dangers in the game. To win, you must be a tough shooter! Get ready for Multigun Arena 3D shooting game! Much fun with it!

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