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Math4K always welcomes any person who is interested in playing free games online! For all users and players that visit math4k.com, they are highly recommended to research on terms of use offered by the administrators of this website. Learning all those terms are very crucial because they will display some rules and regulations that you must follow when you are using our services. Additionally, terms of use also prevent you from breaking any regulations.

Before reading terms of use, you should be aware that all rules will be implemented and valid once they have been uploaded. Only math4k.com has a right to adjust and control those rules, the third parties will not be eligible to interfere and utilize them.

Go to “Contact Us” section to send your questions regarding the terms of use of this website to us. All your inquiries will be unraveled.

Registering Your Account and Becoming a Membership

Useful features of membership

Even if you are an official member or not, you will totally be able to enjoy and discover all game online for free here. However, being a member is way too convenient. You will receive many benefits as well as useful features:

  • All your scores will be saved in the game that you have played, also, you may get a chance to be honored in the list of top gamers on the website.
  • You can save your favorite games
  • You can make new friends, talk to other gamers as well as share your experiences with them
  • Your profile pictures will be saved
  • The games that you have played will be listed

Other information relating to registering an account

If you want to become a member of Math4K, you will have to go through registering process. In that process, to complete the registering, you need to give out your personal information, such as email address, date of birth, full name, nickname and other info relevant. Be sure that all you give are accurate and firm.

In addition, each user needs to make sure that the email that they are providing is appropriate. If there is any notification of Math4K, we will directly send it to your email, and no system or any application will block our email notifications. Thus, all users are highly recommended to use their personal emails.

Math4K also sends the notifications relating to the content, history, IP addresses or other saved information to the users if we receive any requests from the government in order to help the system work well and properly. Please visit “Privacy Policy” section for further information about this issue!


The password is required for registering an account. All users need to make sure that their passwords have high security. It’s very crucial to keep your password safe and secret. If you feel doubtful when there is someone trying to log in your email address and use your password, you must send your notification to Math4K instantly!

Notification emails

The notification emails will be regularly sent directly to the users by Math4K in order to bring news to the users in terms of new content, introducing new games, updated versions, and others. If you don’t receive any notifications from us, probably your email has blocked ours and you need to make changes to several things in your account if you want.

Regulations in terms of uploading

Uploading content will consist of many things, such as data, images, sounds, videos, and so on. You need to take responsibility for what you have uploaded or what you have created. Math4K won’t take control of what you upload!

Occasionally, the users may encounter bad content during using the services. Math4K won’t control and be in charge of what you are facing. All members of Math4K are able to exchange, share experiences, make friends and so on. Nevertheless, as a member, you are not allowed to fulfill following actions:

  • Upload bad content relating to politics, government
  • Transmit illegal content, inappropriate words, things that relate to dangers, threats, perverted things, non-respecting privacy things and so on.
  • Transmit the content relating to advertisements, spam, and other banned content.
  • Inspect and save personal information, privacy of other members
  • Transmit the content that was already infected by the virus, damaged content, which causes the operation feature of the computer to be sluggish.

If there is any inappropriate content, Math4K is willing to get rid of it, and we will lock the account of the user that uploads it, or even remove his/her account forever.

Connect or Disconnect from Math4K

At the moment, Math4K has linked to other links of different websites or the links given by third parties. Math4K won’t be in charge of controlling those websites as well as the advertising service


If you want to bring your account to an end, you just need to make a contact with the administrators. The cancellation will take place within 72 hours right after you have sent your request to us, and then you will receive an email notification from us. If you don’t agree with any regulations and terms, your account will be stopped working for a while, or even worse, some accounts will be disabled forever, meaning, those users are no longer the members of Math4K.


Researching on privacy policy is also very crucial. All users are highly recommended to reach this section carefully in order to learn more about the security of your personal information.

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