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Math4K promises to bring you many famous and awesome games online. We have already selected various the best game lists for you. All players are able to enjoy them without worrying about their personal privacy. Math 4K will keep all the individual information of every user secured when they pay a visit to All users are highly recommended to take a look at a privacy policy set out by administrators of Math4K. This policy is known as a document that can store the personal information of each player when they engage in our games. If you have any questions relating to this privacy, you can go to “Contact” section and send your questions to us. We will answer all the questions that you sent as well as unravel all your inquiries as soon as we can.

All players are required to read the privacy policy carefully before registering an account for utilizing our services brought to you by this website as well as becoming an official member of Math4K. All your private info will be collected at this The administrators will establish a combination between the privacy policy and the terms of use. You guys are highly recommended to research on those rules, regulations carefully before joining us. If you don’t agree with those terms of use, as well as rules set by us, you won’t be able to utilize our services, meaning you will stop being the official member of Math4K.

Collecting and Handling Information

Registering an account

 If you want to become a member of Math4K, you will have to go through a process called registering an account on our website. To make an account, you need to fill in “required sections” that relate to your personal information, such as full name, birth date, email address, nickname that you want to use as well as a password. Other members won’t be able to see your personal information excluding for your nickname, full name. If you want to display your private information, you can go to your account and adjust some options there.

Before registering an account

Log Files

Log Files are used at most of the websites. This is known as a useful tool that can store the information that was already collected at several browsers that you are currently using on the server. Log Files can contain basic information, such as types of browsers, ID address, ISP (Internet provider), and much more.  Thanks to log files, the webmasters can analyze, run the websites, survey the information, keep track of the actions of users, collect demographic data and so on. Additionally, log files can be utilized in conjunction with your personal information in order to help repair some technological issues and keep your information more confidential. 


Cookies is a small file that is stored on the PC of the users. This tool is very helpful in running a website. It can be integrated with your registered number and help you log in the website faster. Cookies can memorize all your private information. It would be much more convenient if you could access the website easily without having to input your email and password, right? In the case of you don’t want Cookies to memorize your information, you just only prevent it from working or even remove your cookies. To get rid of Cookies, just go to the “setting” section, click “Help” section and follow the instructions there. Please keep in mind that when you’re done removing cookies, visiting the website to play games will take longer a bit since you are supposed to log in first.

Private Information

The users can save their favorite games or the games that they have just played and enjoyed at Math4K. This service is kind of popular and can be found at most of other websites. You no need to worry about your private information because Math 4K won’t automatically display info unless we have the permission from you.

Getting involved in the surveys in terms of the quality of services

There will be several surveys in terms of the quality of services hosted by Math4K. These surveys mostly center on the service quality as well as provide the users with the advertisements offered by the third parties. You are supposed to give your personal information like email, full name if you want to get involved in those surveys. The reason that Math 4K organizes these surveys is because we want to find out if we have fulfilled our role in offering services to you or not as well as review if those services have high quality and meet your requirements or not. We commit to keeping all your private information secure when you decide to join these surveys.

Sharing Personal Information

1. Privacy

All your personal information are only shared with others only when we have permission and confirmation from you. Math4K commits to absolutely keep your private information secure.

2. Advertisement service of the third parties

When you enter Math4K, you will catch sight of several advertisements relating to any products or services offered by the third parties. If you are interested in those ads, you can click them and give out your personal information. Once you have clicked one of the ads, you will be brought to its page directly created by the advertisers. However, you must be aware that the privacy policy of the advertisement websites will not be controlled by Math4K. You need to take a look at their privacy policy carefully and other policies relevant before giving out your personal information to those websites. Once again, Math4K commits to protecting your information and the third parties will not get a chance to approach your info! 

3. Advertising parent of the third parties

Mostly, the users will see many advertisement banners offered by the third parties or even the websites that they are currently using.  When you enter Math4K, you will also catch sight of those advertisements which are mainly provided by us, or the third parties occasionally. Your cookies can store those ads so that the ad network will acknowledge the PCs of users throughout the time sending their ads. In that way, the ad network will translate and figure out the information in terms of geography, other individuals when you permit them to use or have access to your computer. The ad network will send the advertisements along with content, new services to the users and highly hope that the users will be interested in them. Math 4K won’t control any information that the third parties have collected.

4. Contact information from Math 4K  

When you’re done registering your account, you will regularly receive information from Math4K. The info can relate to your account, which will be directly sent to your email address, including password recovery notification, email confirmation, introducing new games and others. You just need to adjust the option in your account regardless of demanding to receive information or not.

5. Re-establish privacy policy

Sometimes, the privacy policy can be updated by Math4K and all members will receive these changes or new updates via their official emails or they can check them out on the homepage of the website. These changes will be valid within 30 days from the date of the policy reform. All users are supposed to visit regularly for new information as well as other updates.

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